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Phenotype: Forest (based on geographical location)
Data contributed by peter.mwangi@iucn.org, last updated 01/08/2013
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1326 km²
Survey Type: O
Elephant estimates of Ngoyla-Mintom Forest from 2011 used distance sampling for dung along line transects. Due to the lack of essential dung count parameters such as the dung decay rate and dung production rate the estimates were submitted as an informed guess. However a geographically close dung decay figure from in 2015 (of 96.1, in the PN Lobeke: Nzooh 2015) and a locally derived production rate from Lobeke of 17.45 (Ekobo 1995) could be used to post-hoc estimate elephant density.
Source:Nzooh, Z., Foguekem, D., Ekobo, A. and Defo, L. (2012). 'Abondance et distribution des grands mammifères dans le massif forestier de Ngoyla-Mimtom'. Yauonde, Cameroon: World Wide Fund for Nature, Cameroon Country Programme Office.
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