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Phenotype: Forest (based on genetic evidence gathered on-site)
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The 2012 elephant population estimate of Mwagne National Park (1166 km2) ,and a proposed extension of the Park to the northwest (415 km2) was carried out using the dung count survey method. The survey was carried out from February through to June 2012. 12 transects of 2km each covered the area (of which two transects were in the extension zone). 290 elephant dung were recorded in 2012 on transects, all but 24 dung were in the Park itself. The estimated elephant population was 1680 (95% c.l. 1254-2251; CV 13.2%) and for the Park alone, 1363 (95% c.l. 1036-1792).
Source:Maisels, F. and Akou, M. E. (2012). 'Mwagne National Park, Report on survey transects 2012'. Gabon: Agence Nationale Des Parcs Nationaux, Wildlife Conservation Society and World Wide Fund for Nature.
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