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Phenotype: Savanna (based on geographical location)
Data contributed by peter.mwangi@iucn.org, last updated 14/04/2014
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15563 km²
Recorded at stratum level
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Magadi Ecosystem
Amboseli Ecosystem
The Southern part of Kenya, Amboseli and Lake Magadi, elephant estimates from the 2013 wet season (22nd to 26th April) aerial total count. The aerial count covered the Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania transboundary elephant range of Lake Magadi, Amboseli, Lake Natron and West Kilimanjaro landscape with fixed wing air crafts covering a total area of 25,623 km2.
Source:Kenana, L. M., Bakari, S. K., Bitok, E., Machoke, N. M., Hamza, K., & Mukeka, J. (2013). Aerial total count Amboseli – West Kilimanjaro and Magadi Natron cross border landscape wet season, April 2013 (Technical report). KWS, TAWIRI.
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