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Phenotype: Savanna (based on geographical location)
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14903 km²
Recorded at stratum level
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The aerial survey of the Quirimbas National Park was completed in November 2014 covering an area of 14 903m2. The elephant population of Quirimabs is estimated at 634 (95% CI 138 to 1,134). This estimate is 25% less than estimated in 2013 (854,95% CI 350 - 1,359), however, with wide confidence limits of the estimates make it difficult to establish a significant decline. The Corridor stratum appears to very important area, as it accounts for the largest percentage of Observations for the QNP, also across all years that the area was surveyed. This can be explained by the fact the Corridor borders Niassa, an area with high Elephant concentrations. The park is extensively penetrated by human activity, in particular settlements and agriculture. The corridor is less settled, however, large scale logging is taking place. Logging is a major threat to the Q.N.P. and the ecological functioning of the corridor connectivity to N.N.R. The aircraft used was a Cessna C182 *** Data capturer notes: *** In 2011data on the QNP was entered as a single stratum of the Cabo Delgado Province Partial (http://staging.elephantdatabase.org/population_submissions/203). It is important to note that the Quirimbas National Park is not listed in the World Database of Protected Areas.
Source:Grossmann, F., Lopes Pereira, C., Chambal, D., Guilherme dos Santos, M., Bendzane, E., McLellan P., Foloma, M., Ntumi, C., Polana E., Nelson, A. (2014c). Aerial Survey Report of Elephant, Other Wildlife and Human Activity in Quirimbas National Park and the Western Corridor. Wildlife Conservation Society, New York.
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