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Phenotype: Savanna (based on geographical location)
Data contributed by reuben@refleqt.co.za, last updated 11/01/2016
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1574 km²
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This dataset comprises aerial sample count data from a survey conducted in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, Mozambique, in October 2014. The survey was conducted using a Cessna 185. A number of elephant carcasses, but no living animals, were observed, based on a coverage of 9.9% of the survey area of 1 574 km². *** Data capturer notes: *** This dataset was compiled as part of a 2014 survey of Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe. All 2014 Zimbabwe surveys were conducted using the same methodology, which appears robust, and the reports are of high quality.
Source:Dunham, K. M., & van der Westhuizen, H. F. (2015). Aerial Survey of Elephants and other Large Herbivores in Gonarezhou National Park and Save Valley Conservancy (Zimbabwe): 2014 (p. 114). Frankfurt Zoological Society.
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