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Phenotype: Savanna with hybrid (based on genetic evidence gathered on-site)
Data contributed by reuben@refleqt.co.za, last updated 18/07/2022
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2262 km²
Recorded at stratum level
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QENP North
This dataset comprises aerial sample count data from a survey conducted in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, in June 2014. Two aircraft were used in these surveys a Cessna 182 (N22044) and a Cessna 206 (N242TC). The survey estimated an elephant population of 2 913 within the 2 056 km² survey area. Elephant numbers in the park appear to be stable 2004 – 2014, however the report raised a concern at the sharp increase in the number elephant carcasses (13 seen, many fresh, compared to only one or two when the area was surveyed in 2012). This may indicate increasing poaching pressure in the park.
Source:Wanyama, F., Balole, E., Elkan, P., Mendiguetti, S., Ayebare, S., Kisame, F., … Plumptre, A. J. (2014). Technical Report: Aerial surveys of the Greater Virunga Landscape (p. 25). Wildlife Conservation Society; Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature; Uganda Wildlife Authority.
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