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15211 km²
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An aerial survey of PNL and an additional extension south of the park along the South African boarder took place from the 28th September to the 4th October 2014, covering 15,211km2. A total of 117 transects were flown, with a total length of 4,200km. The target search intensity (percentage of area covered and animals counted) was 10% for the areas east and north of the park and 20% for the area along the Kruger border. The southern extension was surveyed at 4 - 6%. The elephant population in the PNL is estimated at 1,081 animals (95% CI:432 to 1,730). An important extension to this core range is the southern extension along the Kruger border, which is estimated to contain another 173 elephants (95% CI:13 - 456). Earlier estimates of elephants for Limpopo vary and results are likely not to be strictly comparable, however, the 2010 surveys, which are regarded as the more reliable, estimated similar live elephant population numbers as contained in this report. The aircraft used was a Cessna C182.
Source:Grossmann, F., Lopes Pereira, C., Chambal, D., Maluleque, G.,Bendzane, E., Parker N., Foloma, M., Ntumi, C., Polana E. &, & Nelson, A. (2014). Aerial Survey of Elephant, Other Wildlife and Human Activity in Limpopo National Park and the Southern Extension. New York: Wildlife Conservation Society.
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