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Phenotype: Savanna (based on geographical location)
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2307 km²
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An aerial survey of M.B.R. took place from the 16th November to the 17th November 2014, covering a total 2,307km2. The area was not further stratified, with a single survey zone covering the Reserve as well as an adjacent area to the west, capturing the flood-land in its entirety. The aerial surveys used strip sampling methods and adhered to current best practices for such approaches. A total of 1,160km of transects were flown. The elephant population in the M.B.R. is estimated at 606 animals (95% CI:115 to 1,240). This is the highest estimate for elephants for this zone, exceeding earlier estimates by 30-60%. However, fluctuation of the counted/estimated numbers has been consistent (range 257 - 422 animals) and might be partially explained by the likely movements of elephants in and out of the adjacent woodlands which provide suitable habitat. The survey zone was surveyed using a Cessna C206.
Source:Grossmann, F., Lopes Pereira, C., Chambal, D., Bay, C., & Mudluli, A., Peltier, A. Foloma, M., Ntumi, C., Polana E., Nelson, A. (2014). Aerial Survey of Elephant, Other Wildlife and Human Activity in the Marromeu Buffalo Reserve (Reserva Especial de Marromeu). New York: Wildlife Conservation Society.
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