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Phenotype: Forest (based on geographical location)
Data contributed by reuben@refleqt.co.za, last updated 24/02/2016
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2615 km²
Recorded at stratum level
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This summary report details a dung count survey conducted in the Campo Ma'an National Park (Cameroon) in Jul-Dec 2014. A total of 309 (95% c.i. 215 -446; CV 18.7%) elephants were estimated for the park area of 2 615 km². 156 x 1- and 2-km transects were walked, totaling 205.4km in one stratum. Dung density was estimated at 218.29 (95% c.i. 153.96-309.51; CV 17.8%). The dung encounter rate was 1.081 (95% c.i. 0.773 –1.511).
Source:Nzooh Dongmo, Z. L., N’Goran, K. P., Fondja Hendji, C., & Nkono, J. (2016). Inventaire faunique dans le Parc National de Campo Ma’an (Cameroun) (p. 1).
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