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This submission details an aerial total count survey conducted in November 2014 in the Gorongoso National Park, Mozambique. 1 832 km² (49% of the Park) was surveyed using a Bell JetRanger helicopter at an average search rate of approximately 25 km² per hour. The population of elephants was estimated at 535 in 61 distinct groups. In 2000 the population of elephants was estimated at less than 200, although this survey was conducted with a sample count methodology, rendering direct comparison between the surveys more difficult. One elephant carcass a few months old was observed. *** Data capture notes: *** Shapefile digitised from the printed report. This shapefile has an area of 1 791 km², an error of 2.2% from the stated survey area.
Source:Stalmans, M., Peel, M., & Massad, T. (2014). Aerial wildlife count of the Parque Nacional da Gorongosa, Mozambique, October 2014: Approach, Results and Discussion (p. 40). Parque Nacional da Gorongosa.
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