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Phenotype: Forest (based on geographical location)
Data contributed by reuben@refleqt.co.za, last updated 09/03/2022
This submission contains information provided by Aniko Polo-Akpisso of West African Science Service Center/University Felix Houphoet Boigny concerning the elephant population of the Oti-Keran-Mandouri Complex in Togo as of 2014. A population of 3 - 10 elephants was estimated within the ____km² extent. The provider states that field observations as well as social survey are the source of the information. The field observations were made during a ground truthing campaign aiming at mapping the habitats of the Oti-Keran-Mandouri complex. The footprints of elephants were then recorded near or within sampling plots (50 m x 20 m) established to record floristic and structural data on vegetation stands. The social survey using questionnaires in focus group in surrounding villages.
Source:Polo-Akpisso, A. (2016). Personal Communication: Information on Oti-Keran-Mandouri Complex. Survey form reply, 7 March 2016.
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