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Phenotype: Savanna (based on geographical location)
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895 kmĀ²
Data taken from 'Table 3. Status of small populations of elephants during the dry season of 2014' in the report cited, in which T. Warth gives a probable population of 55 elephants (bulls and cows), stating '1. All but two cows from the 25 elephants released during 1992 have been killed or have disappeared; 2. All other elephants born since 1998; 3. Three young bulls tend to spend time away from the cow herds, but are seen with them frequently; 4. Two groups, one of 11 young cows with subadults and their first calves.'
Source:Dunham, K. C. (2015). National Summary of Aerial Survey Results for Elephant in Zimbabwe: 2014. Harare, Zimbabwe: Parks and Wild Life Management Authority.
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