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2895 km²
Data taken from 'Table 3. Status of small populations of elephants during the dry season of 2014' in the report cited, in which K. Leathem and N. English give a speculative population of 500-600 elephants (in bull and cow herds), noting the following: 'When BVC acquired Samanyanga property during 2002, there were approximately 50 elephants, from an original purchase of 32 during 1997 (from a ranch in the Mateke Hills), plus a few bulls that had broken in from the communal lands to the south. During July 2006, BVC received 25 elephants removed from Makambe and Ursula farms near Victoria Falls (17 cows/calves and 8 adult bulls). During October 2008, BVC received 56 elephants from Malilangwe (cows/calves, plus a few young bulls that were still in the breeding herds). During November 2013, BVC translocated 80 elephants from the Ripple Creek property into the main conservancy (all had moved onto Ripple Creek from Bubiana). Each year, a few elephants break into BVC from the adjacent communal lands and resettlement areas. Usually an estimated 5– 15 young bulls, but on one occasion a herd of 22 cows and calves.'
Source:Dunham, K. C. (2015). National Summary of Aerial Survey Results for Elephant in Zimbabwe: 2014 (p. 53). Harare, Zimbabwe: Parks and Wild Life Management Authority.
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