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Phenotype: Forest (based on geographical location)
Data contributed by reuben@refleqt.co.za, last updated 29/04/2016
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MPD Area
This submission details the results of a 2012 dung count survey of the MPD area, Republic of Congo. A total of 41 mostly 3km long transects were walked in a single stratum, covering 122.79km within the survey area of 1 139.5 km². The dung encounter rate was 0.179 (95% c.i. 0.07-0.46), giving an estimated dung density of 55.67 (95% c.i 19-162; CV 57%). Elephant numbers were estimated at 71 (95% c.i. 25-207), at a density of 0.031 (95% c.i. 0.011-0.091).
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