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Phenotype: Savanna (based on genetic evidence gathered on-site)
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3146 kmĀ²
Elephants Without Borders, in collaboration with Haramaya University (HU) and the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA) flew aerial surveys (April - May 2014) of elephants and wildlife over Babile Elephant Sanctuary (ES), Omo National Park (NP) Mago NP and Chebera Churchura NP (collectively described as southwest Ethiopia). These surveys form part of a larger Pan-African Elephant Aerial Survey, which is being conducted by several partners throughout 18 elephant range states in 2014. A small fixed wing plane (C182) was used to fly a sample survey, with stratified parallel transects spaced 2 km, 5 km and 10 km apart. The intensity of the sampling coverage was determined using information on perceived elephant distribution and density from previous studies or speculative oral information from people working in the survey areas. The report was separated into two submissions, one covering Babile Elephant Sanctuary and the second for Omo, Mago and Chebera Churchura National Parks. No information on population estimates was derived, and only figures for sightings within transects provided. All elephant observations occurred in dense woodlands, where elephants may seek safety and less vulnerable to human disturbance or persecution. No elephant observations were made in Chebera Churchura National Park.
Source:Chase, M., Workeneh, S., Alemayhu, F., Belayneh, A., Regassa, F., & Enawgaw, C. (2014). Aerial survey of elephants and other large mammals in Babile Elephant Sanctuary and Southwest Ethiopia. (p. 38). Ethopia: Elephants Without Borders, Haramaya University and Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority.
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