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South Sudan
Phenotype: Savanna (based on genetic evidence gathered on-site)
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10468 km²
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The aerial sample count survey of Boma Badingilo Corridor was carried out during the late wet season i.e. late October to early November 2009. No elephants were observed in the corridor survey zone during the sampling exercise and the elephant population estimates were not derived and therefore the elephant count was submitted as an informed guess.
Source:Grossmann, F., Elkan, P., Tiba, C., Moi, J., Awol, P.P., Lita, J., Demetry, P. and Kenyi, S. (2011). 'Aerial Survey of Wildlife, Livestock and Human Activity in and around existing and proposed protected areas of the Republic of South Sudan 2009 - 2010'. South Sudan: Wildlife Conservation Society and Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism of the Government of South Sudan
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