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African Elephant Status Report 2007

Continental totals for Africa

The 2007 African Elephant Status Report contained a number of errata. These have been fixed in the display of data found on www.africanelephantdatabase.org, but for the purposes of clarity, they are briefly outlined below.

  1. Range figures for the following input zones are incorrect:
    • Rest of Gabon Forest Range(page 64);
    • Rest of Northern Botswana(page 124); and
    • Zambezia Province(page 134).
  2. Source for input zoneQueen Elizabeth Conservation Areashould beWanyama, 2006(page 108). The reference was also omitted on page 256 and should read:
    • Wanyama, F. (2006). Queen Elizabeth National Park Wildlife Census Report, July 2006, Uganda, Kampala: Uganda Wildlife Authority.
  3. Cause of change for input zoneTekezze Valley Wildlife Reserveis ‘NA’, resulting in slightly adjusted numbers in theEthiopia Interpretation of Changes in Estimates from Previous Reporttable (pages 77-78).
  4. Munyawama Game Reservewas inadvertently omitted from the input zones in South Africa (page 146). This has been rectified and slightly impacts the South Africa national-level totals (page 145), the Southern Africa regional-level totals (page 113), as well as the interpretation of changes at these three levels.
  5. An error in assignment of the cause of change for the Luiana East and West Partial Reserves (page 120) slightly impacts the interpretation of changes for Angola (page 119), Southern Africa (page 113) and the continent (page 23).
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